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Once you have gone through the bankruptcy process and it becomes final, there are steps to take to ensure you begin anew with a more informed outlook on your budget and finances. Many of the bankruptcy myths that abound leave most people fearing that their credit will be ruined for life and they can never own anything again. This is simply not true. Once your bankruptcy is final, you are generally free of most of your debts, with the exception of a few types such as student loans or support payments that would still be due.

Many families find great relief from the stress and strain of having so much debt off of their backs and look forward to their future. Part of the bankruptcy process includes credit counseling prior to your filing and a financial budgeting course once it is final, so you will have received some basic training in the proper thing to do. Our San Diego bankruptcy attorney at San Diego Legal Pros can help you make some sound decisions to help you as well.

After bankruptcy, it can be beneficial to look into the following:

  • Credit counseling
  • Finance management

With a bankruptcy on your record, you will see your credit rating take a dip, but this is temporary and will start to improve once time goes by and you begin to rebuild your credit. Applying for small credit cards or department store cards which should be used sparingly and repaid every month will go far towards improving your credit score.

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It is important to set up a budget each month and stick to it. Having a steady income and living within your means will help avoid any future debt problems. Avoid incurring any new debt you cannot immediately repay, and build up an emergency fund for unexpected situations. Without the cumbersome burden of debt taking all of your income, you should be able to include savings into your budget as you move forward with your life.

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