Blog Posts in 2017

  • How to Stop Foreclosure with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing

    Posted By San Diego Bankruptcy Pros || 22-Nov-2017

    After falling behind on mortgage payments, a homeowner might be shocked to find that the bank has ordered the foreclosure of their home. If nothing is done soon, the property will be seized by the bank and the homeowner will be literally and figuratively shown the door. But what can be done to stop a foreclosure once it starts, other than drumming up funds fast to pay the mortgage? Stopping ...
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  • Stopping Wage Garnishment: Protecting Your Paycheck

    Posted By San Diego Bankruptcy Pros || 20-Nov-2017

    If you have outstanding debts owed to creditors, financial institutions, government agencies, and even private parties like an individual lender, then a wage garnishment could be placed on your paychecks. In short, a wage garnishment allows the owed party to syphon a percentage of your hard-earned money directly out of each paycheck you receive. Usually the most a paycheck can be garnished is 25%. ...
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  • Can I Keep My Car After Filing for Bankruptcy?

    Posted By San Diego Bankruptcy Pros || 9-May-2017

    When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will be required to undergo a process known as “liquidation.” During this process, a trustee will review your assets to see if any of them cannot be protected with an exemption. Any assets that cannot be protected can be sold off and the funds will be distributed to your creditors on a prorata basis. However, you are allowed to protect ...
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  • Why is Debt Settlement a Bad Idea?

    Posted By San Diego Bankruptcy Pros || 8-May-2017

    Many people don’t want to declare bankruptcy but are still struggling with crippling debt and don’t know where to turn. This has led to the rise of an immense number of debt relief companies who claim they can resolve your debt quickly and easily for a lowered payment and without the impact to your credit score that declaring bankruptcy usually entails. Sound too good to be true? ...
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