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How to Sue Harassing Creditors

Understanding Your Rights as a Debtor

If you are being harassed by creditors, you may be able to obtain money damages from them for their behavior. This is true even before you file for bankruptcy. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and California Rosenthal Act provide remedies for debtors who are being harassed in certain circumstances. In addition, creditors who violate the Automatic Stay and Discharge are also subject to other remedies. You need to speak with a San Diego debt relief lawyer who has knowledge in this area of the law to see if you have a case.

Creditors can be difficult to deal with and nearly impossible to negotiate with in regards to debt. Anyone who falls behind with their payments on credit cards, cars, medical bills, mortgages, or other situations can become a target for creditors.

Harassing tactics include:

  • Calling you at all hours of the night at home and at work
  • Contacting your family, neighbors, employers, and friends
  • Using vulgar language

Some creditors send letters continually or even come to your door to annoy you at home. Whatever the tactics may entail, many of our clients have found creditors to be obnoxious, rude, and condescending, and we are here to help find relief from creditor harassment.

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Filing for Bankruptcy with Our San Diego Attorney

Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the fastest ways to put an end to creditor harassment. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, it is in contempt of a federal restraining order (known as an automatic stay) for a creditor or a collection company to contact you. Once your bankruptcy is finalized and your debts are discharged, creditors and collection companies are not allowed to contact you unless they have received special permission from the Bankruptcy Court or you had debts that were not discharged. If creditors are still contacting you after bankruptcy, it is imperative that you seek assistance and protection from a debt attorney so that you can take the necessary legal actions.

Call San Diego Legal Pros today to speak with our skilled San Diego bankruptcy lawyer who can help you put an end to creditor harassment and sue creditors who have violated the law. Our firm has extensive experience dealing with creditors and we know the exact ways to help you move past these harassing tactics.

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