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  • 3 Things To Consider Before Filing For Bankruptcy

    || 15-Jan-2016

    The burden of debt can create undue stress, and can impact nearly every area of your life in some way or another. For those struggling to gain control of their financial situation, bankruptcy can be an effective way to gain a fresh start. However, bankruptcy is not right for everyone. In this blog, we take a look at three things you should consider before pursuing bankruptcy. Take charge of your ...
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  • Considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? You'll Have to Take the Means Test.

    || 10-Mar-2014

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a good option for debtors seeking to completely discharge their debts. Chapter 7 is also known as "liquidation bankruptcy" and effectively gets rid of, rather than reorganizing, the petitioner's debts. Due to the nature of Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, there are strict qualification standards. To find out if you meet those standards, you will have to take the ...
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