Deed in Lieu in San Diego

Deed in Lieu vs. Alternatives

A deed in lieu of foreclosure involves the homeowner voluntarily signing over the deed to the property to the lender. This can be of benefit to both parties:

  • It saves the lender the trouble and expense of pursuing foreclosure proceedings.
  • It saves the homeowner from a foreclosure and its public listing.

In some cases, homeowners pursue a deed in lieu of foreclosure in order to avoid having to file for bankruptcy. Each individual situation, however, differs as to which approach would carry the most liability or be most beneficial. A short sale is another possible option along with deed in lieu, foreclosure, and even bankruptcy. If you are in the situation where you need to take drastic action to recover from a mortgage you can no longer service, a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer can help. An attorney can provide invaluable and impartial advice as to what options you have available and how each would relate to your particular circumstances.

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At San Diego Legal Pros, we will address your case energetically and grant it the importance it deserves. We understand this can be a very stressful situation for you and it is not only a financial transaction but a process which will have a significant impact on your life. We can review how a deed in lieu would benefit you, as well as your exposure to a deficiency balance, the tax implications, and the effect on your credit. If we determine that a deed in lieu is your best option, we can help to negotiate with your lender and see that the deal is structured and the paperwork is completed so as to protect your rights.

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