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San Diego Bankruptcy Blogs from January, 2013


With homelessness and hunger on the rise in neighborhoods like City Heights, San Diego is still struggling with the unemployment and low housing values that were brought about during our nation's 2008 financial crisis. A reporting team from World Socialist Web Site recently spoke to families and individuals in City Heights, a neighborhood populated with a large number of the working class.

City Heights was hit particularly hard by the 2008 financial crisis in our nation, and the median household income is well below the citywide average. Home to many Hispanic, North African, Middle Eastern and Asian immigrant families, City Heights has also suffered from an unemployment rate close to 20 percent. This is well above the national average and many working class families and individuals have been forced to seek help from services like food distribution centers.

Another main factor that is contributing to homelessness and hunger in City Heights and throughout San Diego is the plummeting housing values. Since 2007, these values have plummeted in the community of City Heights and are now well below the San Diego average. It is an unfortunate fact that many people who have full-time employment still fall below the poverty line and are without health insurance. There are numerous people who are forced to file for bankruptcy every year even though they work hard and have a full-time job.

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